#FYEMEUP ATL is a collection of indie music from the perspective of a DJ in the Atlanta area.
5 years ago

#FyeMeUp ATL S 4 Ep 25

#FYEMEUP ATL is a collection of indie music from the perspective of a DJ in the Metro Atlanta area

Season 4 Episode 25 of the #FyeMeUp ATL podcast featuring exclusive tracks from artists from Season 1 and 2. We celebrate the 100th episode of #FyeMeUp ATL Podcast......


Westside Jimi - No Time

RedCoat Da Poet - #AE2

Kris J - 6 Swishers

Aleon Craft - Bangkok

Jaye Newton - Salsa Witcha Mama

WorldOFBrown - Cycle (Prod. Ron Shaw)

J-Coop - Iceberg Slim

Fred E.t. x Ymani Halle - Biscuits

Phresh Ali - Wrestling Is Fake (Prod. Mr. Al)

Flymind Poets - Wish Yall Well

Michael Aristotle x JaqueBeatz - You Just

Yani Mo x Ako Slice - Summa Patnah

Skipper Jones x Damingo Brown - Kanye's Lexus

Astro Morton - Morton

Money Mu x Rubberband Red - How I'm Livin (Prod. Mondo)

gniK the God x Phresh Ali - Black Sheep (Prod. MB13)

Jimmy Rocket - Now

Creamo - JuiceMan

Billy Vieatlanta - Flowers

Nativ3 Sound - 900 Degreez

Dr. Sushi - On my Set (Prod. Genshin)

Phay x Kap G x GH Pancho - Adios

Confetti Kash - Gang Gang

Theo Tywan - Blow

3BIH3 - Wanna Be

Fleetwood Fred x Trill Deal - Off Tha Glass

Chilly Chills - Kobe

Cas Chantel - Paranoid

Ziggy2Playa x Yani Mo - Intercontinental Shawty

XYTHGRT - Gold On Me

Castor Creed - The Money

B.L.A.C.K. Baron x Scotty ATL - Mayretta

Rod McCoy - La$t Days (Instrumental)

Jean Michaels x Nelo - Smokers Conscience

Fleetwood Fred - Swish

Grip - These Eyes

Souletica x Prince Scooter - Nü Nü

Clay James x Messiah Da Rapper - Southern Playa Shit

Fleetwood Fred - Pusher (Prod Trip)

J.Bankhead - Fye

Carlie Bravo - BDWBF

FranceauThaGod - 100 Times A Day

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