#FYEMEUP ATL is a collection of indie music from the perspective of a DJ in the Atlanta area.
5 years ago

#FyeMeUp ATL S 4 Ep 25 Part 3

#FYEMEUP ATL is a collection of indie music from the perspective of a DJ in the Metro Atlanta area

Season 4 Episode 25 of the #FyeMeUp ATL podcast featuring exclusive tracks from artists from Season 3 and 4. We celebrate the 100th episode of #FyeMeUp ATL Podcast......


C-Blaq - Blaqlegacy

D6N - iiWii

Dre Myers x DruggOfChoice - Easy

Mars Of Youth - ontheWall

BlackBaron - Plot Thickens

K Leron - Forgive Me

Brie - Love Sounds

Ceenote - Twisted

Monae Giovani - Nobody

Salvatore Perigio x Blve Cocaine x TopNotch Swave x L-T Terror - I C Y

KADO BCG - Dance

The Queendom - #FanART

Westside Jimi - BUD

Horus Gump - Mathematic

Jay Dot Rain - Cash Talk

Salvatore Perigio - SumBodyDaughter

Salvatore Perigio - BattleSequence [Prod. K!D E$KOMO]

Sammy Surf - Prayer

Creamo - Illuminti

Young Fairo - Yetti (Yet Every Thing Turned Intentional)

Stendo - Yung Nigga

Decatur Ace - Extra Pressure

Fooly - Payroll (De Luxe)

King Elway - Free Promo

HeatATL - Long Time

Young Mari x Cada Bug - Mari F Baby

CI Sam - Stay DF

Typical Div - Really Out Here

D Horon x Josias - Lose Control

T-Bruin - PLUNGE

Kidd Loco - Duality

Bob Lennon - Funeral

Nino Cahootz X 2 TALL - Working The Blocc

J-Coop & Last Name Good x SmokyDB - Tarantino

Cluu - Cool Ass Cluu

Kris J - Whole Thang


Typical Div - KING OF THE CASTLE (Not To Mention)

Yung Baby Tate - Bob

Yani Mo - Saucony

Phay - Ooh Lala

Phay - Scrubs

BOREGARD. x Jaye Newton - Smackdown

Deante' Hitchcock - No Turning Back Prod by Brandon Phillips Taylor

Sm00ve x Jule$ - Skin

Tate228 x Dopeboy RA - Sipp

Theo Tywan - Sunday gospel

Ako Slice - Worth The Dick

Hippy Creed - I Swear

Wally Fattz - Sauced up

Teisha Shine - Kick In Door

Kris J - Skip The Line

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